The A11 Series is a highly versatile 360° dry boil protector, designed to work with the Z5 remote steam switch. It can also be used for electronic kettles with the UI on the upper vessel or combined with our Opti-comms technology to put the UI on the cordless base.

  • Integrated dry boil and 360° cordless connector system

  • Connects with the CS7 low profile 360° connector with patented shutter feature

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Otter Z5 remote steam switch for applications requiring optimum cut-off times

  • Can be used for electronic kettles with the user interface in the upper vessel

  • Opti-Comms variants availible for use on electronic kettles which require the user interface in the cordless bas

  • Enhanced electrical stroke to cope with kettle production tolerances

  • Suitable for all underfloor element types; Ferro thick film elements, conventional and die-cast elements

  • Dual Bimetal dry boil protection, manual reset

  • Rated to 15A with cost optimised 10A version also availible

  • Vari-temperature function availible

  • Easifix compatible


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Ferro Thick Film Heating Elements offer an instant heating, instant cooling energy efficient solution.

Thanks to their low thermal mass, thick film heating elements offer increased performance and energy efficiency compared to conventional heating elements.

On average a Ferro Thick Film Heating element when used in a kettle is 10% more energy efficient compared to a mechanical heating element. Their low weight also makes the kettle easier for the end user to handle.

Ferro Thick Film Heating elements can be supplied as a fully assembled and tested package with our A1 / CS7 series control fitted.


Opti-Comms provides highly reliable 360° optical communication between the upper vessel and the cordless base.

The Opti-Comms system enables an appliances user interface to be positioned on the cordless base, providing further flexibility in design.

Opti-comms provides reliable transmission of single or multiple sensor signals (temperature, water level etc) through the 360° connector, regardless of docking orientation, via an infra-red optical link.

Opticomms is available with our standard A11 kettle control or our CP84 dishwasher proof connector, enabling new and innovative appliances.


Otter can help add value to your product by providing a range of additional services, support and technologies aimed at enhancing our customers portfolio.

To support our world class kettle controls and connectors, we provide a complete support package to assist in developing your product.

We can provide tailored kettle designs to your brief or can assist in modifying existing products. We have an industrial design team and technical support team at your disposal.