The G series is Otter Controls’ most versatile bimetal switch.

The G Series is available in a wide range of formats such as thermostat, safety cut-out or DC motor protector and in many permutations of temperature setting, current sensitivity, cover and sealing options.

The G series can be set to temperatures ranging from 5°C to 155°C (165°C for DC applications) with controlled differentials and tolerances from ± 2°C in both normally closed and normally open configurations. There is also a range of bimetal resistivities to adjust the current sensitivity to suit the application.

The G series strong snap action makes it suitable for both 12V & 24V DC motors and 240V AC applications. While it is larger than later generations of motor protector, through its versatility it maintains a strong position within the Otter range.



The V series is a versatile bimetal switch, available either as a thermostat or thermal/current sensing safety cut-out.

The V series operates as a thermostat with a narrow ±2°C differential, or a thermal safety cut-out with a ±5°C differential.

The V series is auto-resetting, has a 13A rating, is highly robust and meets worldwide approvals.

It can be provided in a wide variety of covers with venting and fixing options.



The H1 series is a rapid response thermal safety cut-out suitable for rapid heating or air sensing applications.

The H1 series switching temperature range is 55°C to 165°C with a tolerance of ±5°C and is exclusively for AC applications.

The H1 series is available in either auto reset or electrical reset options and is rated up to 16A at 250V.

It can be provided in various terminal options and with a protective cover and meets worldwide approvals.



The B3 series is a robust bimetal safety cut-out, with a high current rating and available in auto or manual reset.

The B series provides thermal or current overload protection and is capable of switching 13A (24V DC or 250V AC), and has a temperature setting range of 50°C to 155°C

It can be provided in a wide number of terminal variations and a wide variety of covers, including options to fit a Yazaki connector as a wiring harness protector (B4)



The T series is our highest current 24V safety cut-out capable of switching up to 25A.

While the T series provides the highest availible switching current, its lowest switching current is 20A, and is outperformed by of our other products at 12V (G series).

T series is considered a legacy product, produced in small quantities for specialist applications which require its exceptional high current 24v capabilities.

The T series is available in a range of folded and cropped terminal options with or without a cover.