Otter provide unrivalled technical support to our customer’s projects. Otter can be involved from the initial outset of a project, even as early as the ideation stage, to ensure the best technical solution and control choice is determined. We pride ourselves on our highly confidential service.

Customer Engineering Support

Otter’s application team will help your engineers to select the best Otter control in order to meet the requirements of the product design specification.

Otter Designer Packs

Each control series has a detailed designer pack covering all aspects of control installation into the appliance.

Customer CAD Evaluation

Evaluate the customers CAD files and produce a report showing recommended changes.

First Off-tool Review

Test and evaluate 1st off tool samples and issue a report and model showing suggested changes.

Pilot Production Run

Attend pilot production run to ensure all the correct procedures are in place and any final adjustments have been made prior to mass production.

Final Project Review

Attend the start of mass production to ensure all recommended procedures are being used and the final production sample is correct.

For any product fitted with an Otter Control, the end customer can request a copy of the latest Otter Test report directly from the factory.