The G series is Otter Controls’ most versatile bimetal switch.

The G Series is available in a wide range of formats such as thermostat, safety cut-out or DC motor protector and in many permutations of temperature setting, current sensitivity, cover and sealing options.

The G series can be set to temperatures ranging from 5°C to 155°C (165°C for DC applications) with controlled differentials and tolerances from ± 2°C in both normally closed and normally open configurations. There is also a range of bimetal resistivities to adjust the current sensitivity to suit the application.

The G series strong snap action makes it suitable for both 12V & 24V DC motors and 240V AC applications. While it is larger than later generations of motor protector, through its versatility it maintains a strong position within the Otter range.



The V series is a versatile bimetal switch, available either as a thermostat or thermal/current sensing safety cut-out.

The V series operates as a thermostat with a narrow ±2°C differential, or a thermal safety cut-out with a ±5°C differential.

The V series is auto-resetting, has a 13A rating, is highly robust and meets worldwide approvals.

It can be provided in a wide variety of covers with venting and fixing options.



The Y1 series is a thermostat designed to monitor fluid temperature levels.

The Y1 series is a bimetal thermostat for monitoring fluid temperatures, such as for switching on/off a cooling fan or temperature warning light.

The Y1 is settable to a narrow temperature tolerance with low hysteresis to give tight control and is available in a brass body with various thread sizes or in a deep drawn stainless steel can.

Switching capacity is max 15A at 12-24V DC or 8A at 240V AC and the temperature setting is application specific up to a maximum of 135°C. The bimetal can be configured to either open or close the electric contacts on temperature rise.

The Y11 version is in a deep drawn stainless steel can. This is a push fit, sealed into the fluid container with a nulox bush & safety clip and can withstand pressures of up to 40 P.S.I.